Dog Bite Cases

We Hold Them Responsible 

We all love our dogs but like people, there can be bad apples in the barrel. When a dog causes someone injuries, quick action is of utmost importance. After being attacked by a dog, the effect of the injuries can be very painful, traumatic, and can linger for years. Improper fencing, violation of leash laws, and keeping dangerous dogs around the public can all add up to horrific injuries to the innocent person, often times children. A negligent animal owner should be held responsible for your severe injuries. Become protected by our firm, working beside you so that you can receive the help you need and the compensation that your family deserves. It is extremely important to, if possible, record the actions of the dog, to photograph the injuries and the medical treatment afterwards, and to contact us immediately. 

For nearly 40 years, we have specialized in dog bites. Within our decades of service, we have had extensive experience handling cases, helping many victims get back on their track to a positive life. Murrin and Wallace, LLC, is the firm for you if you are searching for personalized, proper assistance after a dog bite. 

We Are Here For You 

If you are a victim of a dog bite, we are here to help. Call us at 404-221-0777 or 404-688-6600 and let us know the details of your case so our team can best assist your legal needs. Every client receives their lawyer’s cell phone number and is welcome to call them at any time. 

To us, all injuries are personal. 

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