Winning Cases

$13,000,000 Recovered

after a Trucking accident

Our firm’s client was crushed under the weight of an overloaded 18-wheeler truck and rendered quadriplegic. We sued the trucking company and its parent company to obtain the full limits of the cooperate insurance policies.

$1,000,000 Recovered

after a Motorcycle Wreck

Our firm was awarded this jury verdict after our client’s knee was permanently damaged when a driver ran a traffic light while on their cell phone. The police did not know who to believe about the light, but our firm investigated the scene and found a maid who was washing the windows of an office where the accident took place and watched the whole wreck unfold, turning the tide of liability against the other side.

$2,000,000 Recovered

After a Motorcycle Accident

Our firm settled with the delivery company after a driver crashed into our client’s motorcycle, ejecting him into the pavement, fracturing his hip, leg, and arm. We were able to prove, using electronic records, that the driver was texting at the time of the crash. Having the full weight and experience of a litigation firm is of utmost importance to getting to the truth and optimizing recovery for our clients.

$4.9 Million Recovered


Our firm sued the speeding driver, whose negligence killed our client’s grandfather, depriving the family of their patriarch. The client was retired but the loss to the family was grave and emotional as he was their figurehead and guided his children, and even his grandchildren, who all missed him greatly. The recovery did not bring the grandfather back, but it eased the family and established college funds for the grandchildren in the name of grandpa.

$1.5 Million Recovered

After an Auto-Collison

Our firm settled prior to even filing a lawsuit with the driver who caused a rear-end collision when they fell asleep at the wheel, severely injuring a mother and her teenager.

$875,000 Recovered

After a Dog Knocked Motorcyclist Off Their Motorcycle

Upon receiving a call from an injured motorcyclist, our team sped to the scene of the wreck that was earlier in the day. The deceased dog was still at the scene in the bushes and the lawyer recovered the photographs of the dog’s identification collar, securing the ID of the owner who tried to cover up their negligence of allowing their dog to roam off leash near a roadway. Neither the Police nor the County Animal Control followed up on who owned the dog. The actual owner retrieved the dog later that night and buried it, along with its collar. Another example of a picture being worth a million words ($875,000).

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